3 Skills to Learn this Summer

I promise you one thing.

If this is the fifth blog post you’ve read today, here’s what you need to do.

Choose one skill from this post, and stick to it.

You already know the skills you want to learn, but you’ve been procrastinating, haven’t you? Well you’ve been caught. Stop being afraid of failure, and get to it.

A friend of mine once said,

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Now, that you’ve been caught, take a look at these three skills, choose one, and stick with it!

  1. Learn a Foreign Language


Please don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. Everyone has that one language that they want to learn, and if you don’t, here are some languages that may interest you. Learning a new language opens up opportunities in your career, and your travel life. Speak to anyone who has learned a new language, it’s a life-changer. Not only do you learn about a new culture, but you learn about yourself, by overcoming the challenges of grammar and conversational nuances. Additionally, medical studies have shown that learning a second language can even delay many brain related diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia.

There are a ton of resources for you to begin with. Well-known apps such as DuoLingo  make it easy for anyone to get started with their first few words. Once you choose a language, the best way to start learning is to fully immerse yourself. Set a solid strategy, and timeline that you stick to. Additionally, finding a native speaker to learn from can also speed up your learning progress.


2.  Public Speaking


If you’re not good at public speaking (and most of us aren’t), then this is something you want to learn. I was heavily tempted to put this at number one.

Public Speaking isn’t just for the business world anymore. Speech teaches you how to communicate your ideas to audiences, which can be used for all fields of life. Being able to give a great presentation increases your confidence the next time you’re in any type of public situation.

Public speaking abilities also translate into better social abilities in your conversations, and job interviews. Further, you will learn about human psychology.

What gets people excited to hear one individual speak? And, what makes a classroom full of college students drown in boredom.

You can start off by recording yourself, or taking a look at some useful YouTube Videos for Public Speaking. Another option is to take an online course to bring you up to speed. I’m betting you’ve also heard of Toastmasters, you might want to go ahead and join that too.

3. You


You are rolling your eyes right about now.

Regardless, learning about yourself is one skill that a majority of individuals overlook. Self-Awareness and understanding who you are is not a skill to roll any eyes at.

But, how does one start to learn about themselves? You can start with asking yourself questions you may have not pondered upon.

What are things you like to do?

What are you strengths?

What are things you hate?

And, more importantly…


Why is that you love the things you love, and do the things you do.

Don’t go all Aristotle on yourself, but understanding and learning about yourself can open up a honest path to self-improvement. Then, you won’t need to read blog posts of what skills you think you should learn, rather you will know yourself where you are headed and what your goals are.